10 Safety Tips That Will Save Your Life When Go Karting
Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Go karts are extremely exciting low center of gravity, Ferrari like vehicles that can accellerate with mind blowing power and corner like an F1 formula racer.

The go kart can also wipe out, flip, do barrel rolls, go end over end, smack into walls, and end up in a pile of rubbish just like the big dogs.

There are ten things that should be studied and applied that will keep you from getting mangled, mashed, torn and shredded on a go kart. It is well worth the read, it may save your life.

Case of The Broken Rib: The Go Kart Accident
Monday, August 3rd, 2009

The father and son were having a great day at the Wisconsin Dells enjoying a sunny afternoon riding roller coasters waterslides and of all things: go karts. The father and son team were having a blast in their two-seater go kart. As the ride came to an end the go karts were lined up in […]

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