The Grand Prix Race….How To Win A Pine Wood Derby Race.
Sunday, February 21st, 2010

You may be wondering where the News Letters have been at?! Well been a little waylaid by the annual Grand Prix Pine Wood Derby race that we have at the Awana’s group every year.

It is the same panic every year. Get the car blocks/wheels/axles in a kit every year and then fabricate four different cars with some aspiration for authenticity and originality.

The panic comes in when we put it off until the last week before the race. And what is ironic is that all things start piling up all at once and it becomes one mighty stress attack.

We have managed to take home a trophy or two every year, so it has been worth the effort.

So my past couple of weeks have been consumed in preparation, exhaustion, rework and plain, just taking a break. Sorry if you have been missing out.

This week, though, I thought we would go through what it takes to make a winning Pine Wood Derby race car.

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