Go Kart Guru Update: CNC Milling a New Adventure an Old Conquest
Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Again my dear readers I hate to let you down by not pumping out another article on Go Karts, but I have been busy with other exciting ventures, one that I have been working on for 18 years now.

See what that could possibly be….

Why Does An Engine Work: Smoke and Noise…Why?
Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

I remember my first engine that my grandfather gave me. It was a wonder of spark, smoke, heat and noise. I was afraid of it, yet I was intrigued by it. I was not until after close inspection of the engine, some tinkering and reading some books that I started to get an understanding of how engine worked. One of the most useful books I read was a book called “Heat Engines.” This article trims down the complex language and brings it home to the average reader. The complexity of engines has its place, but the basics need to be understood first: converting heat to something useful….just what is that?

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