The Case of the Bouncing Quitting Go Kart: Carburetor Grief
Saturday, May 21st, 2011

You may have run into this or you may run into this where you are riding your go kart on a bumpy, gravely driveway and suddenly the go kart stops running properly. It just up and quits. “Why would the go kart suddenly quit?” Is the question in your mind and “What would cause the […]

Goofy Twisted Belt Drive That Just Don’t Work On a Go Kart
Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

In this article we will discuss how the twisted belt drive presented will not work, and why. The main issue with this twisted belt drive is first a smoking clutch and secondly, tracking issues. Typically this system is proposed as a solution for driving a go kart with a vertical engine. Though simple and straight forward this article will discuss in detail the issues with the drive system from a mechanical stand point. Other articles concerning this belt drive also discuss differnt issues such as Center of Gravity and overall packaging considerations, this article goes one step further and demonstrates the major design flaws in the drive line layout.

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