Can I Make a Small Engine Power My Go Kart?
Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Often the question arises “Can I make this 3.5 hp engine make my go kart run?” The answer is, as Archimedes said “If you give me a long enough lever I can move the world.” And he was right, the longer the lever, the easier it is to move an object. The same goes for […]

The Best Kept Secret About How to Use Tractor Wheels On Your Go Kart
Saturday, April 5th, 2014

This article is about taking a riding lawnmower rear wheel and mounting it to a “live-axle” on a standard go kart. You might be inclined to just close your laptop and stop reading this article because “This is just a no-brainer right? I mean, anybody with half a brain knows you just slip the go kart axle into the hub of the riding lawnmower wheel and walla…. (viola actually)…you have an instant cheap go kart wheel.”

Uh….No. Have fun with that…

This article shows you how to use a wheel off of riding lawnmower to mount onto a conventional go kart axle.

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