The Go Kart Guru: Who Is He?
Guru Relaxing At The Soccer Game....

Robert Gamble (Go Kart Guru) Relaxing At The Soccer Game....

Robert Gamble (GKG) is an accomplished go kart designer, builder and engineer. Having over 20+ years of experience building and designing go karts from scratch.

He also has a BSME from Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). He has written at least a dozen ebooks alone on go kart design, and fabrication. His ezine articles have a worldwide following. 

Robert Gamble, EzineArticles Platinum Author
His passion is to bring to the everyday father and son (or daughter) the ability to make a go kart for under $200. Whether it be a metal framed go kart, or wood go kart Robert Gamble (the Go Kart Guru) has been through it all.

Be sure to watch the videos too, as he demonstrates how you can make your own go kart with everyday tools.

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