January 16th, 2018

Go Kart Building 102



 “Building a $1500 go kart  for $200?”

I have gotten emails of people asking how in the world I am able to make a go kart for practically nothing.  The part cost for go karts seem to be outrageous.  Engines alone cost about $300, how in the world is it possible to make a go kart with $200.  And then on top of that make a go kart that is worth $1500. 

“How is that possible?!”

I guarantee it is possible.  And this course will show you how you too can only spend $200 and make an outstanding go kart worth $1500.

There are actually 7 secrets that most people don’t know, and this course will reveal them.  They are actually steps, more than secrets, but they will be well worth your effort and your time.



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