January 16th, 2018

Go Kart Building 301 Do It Right, Means Not Hitting Trees...


“What do I mean by doing it right exactly?” 

That is a good question.  Because many are making gokarts but really are lacking in their design because the result is a go kart that has lots of power, but can’t be steered, and is overly heavy and bulky.

There are several variables that govern go kart design and they are all interrelated.   For example, misplacing the center of gravity of your go kart can have drastic consequences on performance.

This course is discusses in greater details the secrets of good frame design so that you can optimize:



"I rode a couple of Bob's earlier go-karts when I was in high-school and they provided many hours of fun for me and my friends during the summer! 

Even back then, I was impressed with the exotic car-like handling and the clean, simple frame design. 

Lightweight and strong, Bob's karts are a blast to drive! 

They are the perfect "first car" for a young boy. 

Bob's original karts were designed to perform with strength and reliability. I was always excited to come over ride the go kart again and again!" 

Greg Smith, Illinois 
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