January 16th, 2018

How To Build a Go Kart Video Library

Welcome to the Video Go Kart Library.

This Library is a compilation of all the videos that we have availabe.  Feel free to look around.  Just click on the link that you are interested in and it will bring you to your video.

These videos are to help you make design descisions and to understand pitfalls that can easily waylay a go kart project.

We are currently working on several products, such as How To Build a Go Kart Video, How To Repair Engines That Are Junk, Vertical Engine Drive Videos and more....

The Go Kart Guru is here to help you get that go kart designed and made.  So have at it.

Go Kart Suspensions Part 1
Go Kart Suspensions Part 2
Understeer Vs Oversteer
Center of Gravity Calculator
Pedal Go Kart
Drive Line Calculations Part 1
Drive Line Calculations Part 2
Drive Line Program
How Does a Carburetor Work?
Be sure to check out the Wood Go Kart Video

Here are some other videos from a Go Kart Building Series that we are working on:

Go Kart Building Part 1: 
Vertical Engined Lawnmower 
to Go Kart Project

Go Kart Building Part 2: 
Preliminary Layout

Go Kart Building Part 3: 
CG and Drive Train Calcs

Go Kart Building Part 4: 
Go Kart Plans

 Go Kart Building Part 5: 
Go Frame Fabrication




Great Birthday Present:  The Father and Son Wood Go Kart Project

Wood Go Kart Project



Great Gift Idea For Any Occasion:  The Model Go Kart From the Movie "God Bless the Broken Road"

Wood Go Kart Project

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