February 25th, 2018

Go Kart Resources

Choose a topic from below and research it. Over 100 pages of materials here for you to get lost in! Below is a topical index of various articles on all sorts of topics that will help you with your go kart experiences.

Topic Article
Engines And Diagnostics
Engine Runs...Then Quits.  Why?

 Engine Disassembly - Why Take An Engine Apart? 
How Does The Governor Work On Go Karts Or Small Engines?

My Go Kart Doesn’t Start:  It just clicks.

Ignition Systems: Go Kart Engine Trouble Shooting

Governors and Engine's Best Friend?

Carburetor Problems Simple Tips

Tech Tips That Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars When Using an Old Engine On Your Go Kart

Briggs Vs Tecumseh: What's the difference? Which One is Better?

Engines: Making More Power
Go Kart Safety

 10 Safety Tips That Will Save Your Life When Go Karting 

Case of The Broken Rib: The Go Kart Accident

Engines and Children: Do They Mix?

Vertical Engines Vertical Engine Using a Worm Gear Drive On A Go Cart: What Is The Prognosis?

Why Vertical Engines Run Vertical

Engines: Vertical Horsepower, the Untapped Gold
Wood Go Karts  The Wood Go Kart: Tricks For Making Wood Pulleys 

The Labor Day Wood Go Kart Project
Drive Systems Torque-A-Verter Is Slipping: What Is Wrong With My Go Kart? 

Climbing Hills Doesn't Need to Cost Alot: The Inside Secret To More Torque

Torque-Averter Drive Train Calcs: Why Is My Chain Breaking?!

Belt Drives: Is It Possible? The How to Guide

Drive Systems: The Black Box With Gears and Sprockets

Go Kart Drive Systems

Engines: Too Powerful?  Not Powerful Enough?
Steering Steering Systems 

 Case of The Wobbly Steering Wheel II: Pressed Rod Ends Versus Machined Rod Ends 

What Do The Eiffel Tower and Camber Have In Common?

Go Kart Steering Nightmares: Case of The Shaky Steering Wheel
 Brakes: Stopping That Beast: The How To Guide
Tires  Tires: The Right  Kind...

Using Tractor Wheels On A Go Kart
Go Kart Building Tips Go Kart Building: How do I Make a Slot in Metal?

Welding Basics: Inside Tips For Welding Go Karts 

How Do I Make A Fiberglass Go Kart Body? 

How To Build A Go Kart:  Part One

How To Build A Go Kart; Part Two:Determining The Center Of Gravity: 

Going Around Corners With Mechanisms: The Linkage Dilemma

What to Buy When Building Your Own Go Kart

Go Kart Building: To Machine or Not Machine?  That is the Question.
Go Kart Maintanence Getting The Go Kart Ready For The Winter
Engineering Basics Basic Physics: The Go Karters Collision

The Crashing Dragster: Conservation of Momentum
Go Kart Project Tips

Why Go Kart Projects Fail: Father and Son Project Gone Bad

The Go Kart Building Mindset 

The Bike Camping Nightmare

The Persevering Go Kart Builder

“Looks Like Ya Coasted In:”  The Unprepared Go Kart Builder

The Young Boy, His Grandpa and His Go Kart:  The Vacation Go Kart

The Realistic Go Kart Building Schedule


Go Karts Types General Go kart Topics Go Kart Parts

Dragster Go Karts 
Hot Rod Style Go Karts 
Junk Go Karts 
Metal Frame Go Karts 
Model T Style Go Karts
Racing Go Karts 

Steam Go Karts 

SuperCharged Go Karts

Suspension Go Karts 

Turbo Charged Go Karts 

Vertical Engine Go Karts

Vintage Go Karts 

Wooden Go Karts

Chains: Which Kind Should I Use?

Clutches: Which type should I use?

Converting A Bicycle to a Go Kart

Go Kart Seats: Teeth Jarring is Not Necessary

Pros and Cons Of Different Go Kart Designs

Suspension System: How Do I Build One?

Vertical Engine Coarse





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