Gas Engined Wood Go Kart Comparison

You may be wondering, what are the difference between the two go kart styles? 

The Caleb Coupe go kart is much different than its older brother, the Standard Wood Go Kart. 

The older brother is a great go kart, but does not have the performance features that the Caleb Coupe Premium Wood go kart has.  This go kart has a live axle, disc brake, Ackerman steering, roll bar, and much more to separate it from its brother.  Here is a comparison chart:

Wood Go Kart Comparison Standard Wood Go Kart

Performance Rating (1-10)

Caleb Coupe Premium Wood Go Kart

Performance Rating (1-10)

Drive System

Belt Drive System

5 Maximized Jack Drive Centrifugal Chain Drive 10
Axle System

One Wheel Drive

5 Live Axle 10
Brake System

Rubbing Brake

5 Disc Brake 10
Steering System

Bogey Steering System

7 Ackerman Steering System 10
Driver Area

Open Cockpit

5 Enclosed Cockpit 8

Hard Solid Seat

4 Cushion Seat 9
Roll Over Protection None 0 Roll Bar 8
Collision Protection Center Steering Tower 8 Seat Belt 10




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