Go Kart Hill Performance Program

Go Kart Specifications

Weight of Frame lbs Weight of Person lbs
Engine HP hp Engine RPM Max rpm max  
Engine Rated at RPM rpm
  Clutch Engagement RPM rpm
Hill Angle Degrees

Drive System Information

Chain Pitch inches   
Engine Clutch Sprocket # Teeth teeth  Clutch Sprocket Pitch Diameter
Drive Axel Sprocket # Teeth teeth Drive Sprocket Pitch Diameter
Jack Shaft Sprocket 1 


Jack Shaft   Sprocket 1 Pitch Diameter
Jack Shaft Sprocket 2


Jack Shaft Sprocket 2 Pitch Diameter
Tire Diameter inches

What The Go Kart Will Do

Total Weight   Pounds
Ratio   to 1
Chain Tension 1   Pounds
Chain Tension 2   Pounds
Maximum Speed   MPH
Torque Clutch   in-lbs
Clutch Status  
Hill Climbing Status   ft/s2  
Flat Surface Accel   ft/s2
Tires Spinning  

Recommended Drive System
Drive Layout Changes
Overall Ratio to 1
Maximum Speed MPH
Flat Surface Accel ft/s2
Hill Climbing Accel ft/s2