8 Inch Model-T Go-Kart Brake Drum Kit: Fits Mini Kars, Mini Cars, MiniCars and Later McDonough Model T’s

First, if you are considering the 8 inch kit, determine if you rear bearing flange is 4 inches wide.  If so, this is the brake system you need.  Another indicator is that the go kart has two bolt flange bearings for the rear axle.

If you want more information about the brake systems please visit the Brake Systems Identification Page.

Measure the width of the rear bearing support. If it is 4 inches as shown, this is the correct brake system.

The brake system consists of the following:

  • 8 inch drum
  • Brake Band
  • Intermediate Link
  • Adjustable Link
  • Crank
  • Boss
  • Mounting Hardware

The brake system is a bolt on unit, and requires that two holes be drilled to mount the Boss to the rear bearing bracket.  Whole installation should take  one hour.

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0,8 Inch Drum Brake System

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