Model T Style Go Karts

Model – T go karts range from home made styles out of wood to metal styles that endeavor to duplicate in scale the Model-T all the way down to the engine placement.The Model-T go-karts shown on this page were made by the Crue-Cut Company and the McDonough Company, which has since gone out of business, and as far as I have been able to dig up, were discontinued back in 1976.

There really are really only one style, the hand activated belt tensioner-reverser system with rubbing style brake.  The transmission uses a belt drive that is tightened by a hand crank to engage the transmission.  There are vertical engine drive and horizontal drive systems.  The horizontal type system is by far the most common.  Then there are the typical converted styles, shown below by Tom La Ferriere with a simple belt drive system.  The brakes are of the rubbing style.  As a side note: See the brake modification upgrade system which we offer a much safer drum brake option.  The brakes stop on a dime, not in three feet, like the original rubbing system.

The throttle is engaged at the steering wheel like the old model T style cars.

The stock rims are cast aluminum.  The steering is a reduction gear system making the steering very smooth.  Replacement aluminum wheels are available.

These are vintage carts, so parts are hard to come by.  If you have any questions about how to procure parts go to our Model T Parts Store, or how the go kart is supposed to work, please submit a question on our inquiries page.

We procured a Model-T go-kart recently and are restoring it back to running condition.  As with any old go kart, the carburetor and the points were a problem and required attention.

If you are considering purchasing a vintage go kart that you know has been sitting around for several years, be sure to take into account a new motor, or at least purchasing around $100 to $150 worth of engine components to get it back into running order.

The overall go kart is fa irly rugged.  The parts that seem to be replaced a lot are rims (wheels), hubs, and hub caps.  We have access to all the parts that are on the cart, so any questions you have we should be able to answer.








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