Aluminum Model T Go Kart Wheels

These are high strength cast aluminum wheels, made in the USA.  These are not Chinese knock offs, and have the correct diameter so that the tires do not fall off.  Additionally they are patterned after the old plastic rims so they won’t look different from the others, as they will appear to be the same.

Bolts right up to standard hubs

Accepts standard tires

Equipped with stem hole for tubes

Fits standard
Model T Style Carts

Wheel style is similar to
the plastic versions

Close up veiw of hub
and wheel interface

Wheel Dimensions

Aluminum Model T Go Kart Wheels

These are cast aluminum wheels with the shrink included, not knock offs that used the wheel as the pattern.  These are the correct size so your tire does not come off the rim.


0,Aluminum Wheel 2 Pieces 0,Aluminum Wheel 3 Pieces
0,Aluminum Wheel 4 Pieces


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