Aluminum Model T Go Kart Wheels

The McDonough Company in the late 60s and early 70’s made plastic wheels made out of high strength plastic.  As we all know these rims are prone to breaking and shattering.Shattered Plastic Wheel  We have developed the exact design and detail of these plastic rims in aluminum and worked in conjunction with a foundry to cast and then machine these wheels to the original specifications.  These are high strength cast aluminum wheels, that fit 16 x 2.125 or 16 x 2.50 tire sizes (Click here to learn about tires sizes).  They are patterned after the old plastic rims so they won’t look different from the others, as they will appear to be the same.  These are a great complement to the McDonough and Crue Cut brand Model-T Go Karts that were made back in the day.  Also be sure to check out our other parts too, on the Model T Go Kart store page.

Bolts right up to standard hubs

Accepts standard tires

Equipped with stem hole for tubes

Fits standard
16 x 2.125 or 16 x 2.5 Tires

Wheel style is similar to
the plastic versions

Close up view of hub
and wheel interface

Wheel Dimensions

If you have questions about these rims, and pricing, please contact us and we will get back to you; usually in the same day.
Note: that pricing gets lower when you buy more than one rim.


Aluminum Model T Go Kart Wheels
These are cast aluminum wheels that fit 16 x 2.125 or 16 x 2.50 tire sizes.  The Purchase Now button is for one (1) wheel, there are other options to buy 2, 3 and 4 rims below.



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