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The Model T Go Kart was mass produced back in the early 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and then the company went out of business.  We offer a limited amount of parts and will be coming out with kits as time progresses.  If you have any questions please contact us. (click here)

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Rear Hub
(7/8 ID with Keyway)

Front Hub w Bearings
(3/8ths Bore)

Hub Cap

Reverser Disc

Radiator Cap

Aluminum Wheel

Steering Wheel

Drum Brake System


Light Bar

Light Can

Model T Parts List

Wind Shield Plans

Seat Plans


and Second
Hand Parts …
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Made In The USA
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Model T Rear Wheel Hub
This is an exact replica made out of high strength aluminum billet. Shown below on wheel with hub cap installed.  Wheel and Hub Cap Sold separately.

Model T Front Wheel Hub with Bearings
These hubs are machined out of high strength aluminum and include 3/8ths I.D. bearings. The original hubs did not even have bearings and were very sketchy.  These are by far a step-up and require no lubrication.

Model T  Hub Cap
This is an exact replica made out of durable urethane that will never corrode like the original metal versions.  Shown below on hub with cap installed.  Hub sold separately.

Model T Radiator Cap
This is a radiator cap for the Model-T Go Kart

Model-T Go-Kart Reinforced Steering Wheel
This is an original size, from the 1960’s, steering wheel for the Model-T Shriner Go-Karts.  It has special ribbing built into the back side of the steering wheel to prevent the cross shanks from cracking.

Light Bar with lights installed.
Lights sold separately. Model-T Go-Kart Light Bar
This is a light bar system that is designed to hold more rigidly and strongly the lights on the a Model T Shriner Cart.  Made out of a superior A356 Aluminum, this light bar can handle abuse.

Model-T Shriner Cart Replacement Light
This is a custom light can that has a removable back. This is ideal for modifications and fits up with the standard light bar.  The front lense area is a solid and can be polished bright like the originals. (One light per purchase)

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