Discount Parts: Blemished or Second Hand…

Every once and a while we get some blemished parts that have defects.  Normally we just hold on to them or recycle them.  Take advantage of these parts while we have them!

Steering Wheel

Has a small mold defect in the steering arm face

0,Model T Shriner Kart Steering Wheel Blemished

Aluminum Wheel

Rough Casting, needs sanding.  This was one of our original “Play Sand” cast wheels. It is a little rough.
Sanding will get it polished up, or just a thick coat of primer.

0,Model T Wheel Rough Casting

Hub Cap

Blemished hub caps, need sanding and painting.
Made our of Urethane

0,Model T Hub Cap Blemished

Radiator Cap

Minor casting defects that are underneath.
Hardly noticable

0,Radiator Cap Model-T Shriner Kart Blemished


If you are interested in any item described above, contact us for availability and pictures of the item in question.

(We may not have stock of item you are seeking to purchase)

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