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We off different types of go kart plans.  Currently we have a metal frame go kart and wood go kart plans.  You can purchase the plans by themselves or you can purchase them in a bundle.

Metal Frame Go Kart Plans

Down Load Now! For $19.95

This plan is free along with the superchargers manual when you purchase the Go Kart Building Bundle.

Wood Go Kart Plans

Down Load Now! For $19.95

This wood go kart plan, along with the metal frame go kart plan is available with the MEGA Building Bundle.

Why Our Go Kart Plans?

You may have been looking on-line for different go kart plans and are in the midst of making a decision.  I wanted to help you make that decision so that you can cut through all the smoke and mirrors.

The last thing you want is to end up having to get some fancy tubing bender just so you can make this go kart.  Also, you don’t want to have to buy some kit just so you can put it together either.

The bottom line is that you want to put together your own go kart, but have a plan that is easy to follow, has step by step instructions, is performance cart, has safety features,  and looks good.

There are a lot of good go kart plans out there, some of them basic, others have suspension systems, and others conventional.  The major difference between our go kart plans is essential tools that you need to build the whole package.

I may have lost you there so let me explain:  Center of Gravity, Steering Design, Engine Drive Train Layout, Seat Configuration, Brake Set Up, Frame Design are all part of the package.

If you don’t have the Center of Gravity right, the go kart can be uncontrollable, or tend to just go  straight when you want to turn.  Our go kart plans can accommodate changes in drivers, so that the CG can be shifted.  Additionally, the design has CG built right into it, so you don’t need to worry about understeer.

Steering Design

The Steering Design is critical in go kart function, and some go karts just don’t take into account foot interference, or CG for that matter.  Very often the steering system is in the way or placed in the wrong place for good performance.  Our go kart design has this taken care of and is not an issue from the outset.

Engine Drive Train Layout

The engine drive train layout can be one of the most frustrating part of the go kart, especially if not designed properly.  This particular issue is most prevalent in go karters who want to use a vertical engine in their go kart.  Our go kart plans, are the only go kart plans that allow for a vertical engine drive in them.  Additionally, our go kart plans are the only go kart on the market that accounts for chain elongation, another frustrations that involves chains popping off all the time.

A wide range of engines can be used in the go kart plans we provide ranging from 5 to 10 hp easily.  We recommend 5 hp at the minimum.  You will discover that engine placement is easy, and maintenance is just as simple.

Go Kart Seat

On most go karts you need to buy a customer seat.  If you are limited on your budget, we provide full seat plans that are low cost, but have an exotic leather look and feel to them.  Don’t spend tons of money on a seat, make your own; we show you how.

The go kart seat is more that just a seat it provide protection, most go karts do not take that into account and leave you exposed to flying chains, dirt, grease and oil; not to mention potential engine hazards.

Go Kart Throttles and Brakes

There are a whole host of other goodies such as pedal placement, brake placement, throttle linkages and even frame design that can leave you scratching your head about just how to do it.  Our go kart plans are free if you buy the bundle, so you can stop scratching your head.

In fact…if you don’t want to buy our books don’t, just buy the plans, but I think you will regret that decision, because the price of the plans is just 19.95, but if you buy the bundle for 23.95 you get 9 ebooks that talk extensively about go kart design, engine layouts etc…plus the go kart plans.  This is a great value.

Just consider:

You are getting the go kart e-books, all 9 of them:

I am very interested tell me more! All this for $23.95…I need more info!

Go Kart Building 101 – 10 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself and More
Go Kart Building 102 – How to Build a Go Kart Out of Junk
Go Kart Building 201 – Go Kart Drive Systems
Go Kart Building 202 – Vertical Engine Drive System
Go Kart Building 301 – Go Kart Frame Design
Go Kart Building 302 – Go Kart Fabrication
Go Kart Building 401 – Go Kart Steering
Go Kart Building 402 – Go Kart Brakes and Throttles
Go Kart Building 501 – Go Kart Seats

Plus Go Kart Plans for free….Plus a bonus product…

The SuperChargers Manual.

You get all this value for one low price of  $19.95

Just in case you are wondering if this go kart is even buildable listen to what our customers are saying:


Hi from Nova Scotia,

My son and i finished our winter project. Thought I’d send you a  little video of a proud 8 year old on his first ride.

The plans were easy enough to follow. I used an old TORO ride on for the donor. The motor is a 6.5hp knock-off and I am using a jack shaft so I can easily switch the chain from one gear to another with  a tensioner on the drive chain I am using the stock muffler that was on the motor.   It looks cool.



So Why Buy Our Plans?

What can you lose?  You get a money back guarantee if you buy them.  If you are not completely satisfied with the plans, you will get your money back guaranteed.

We also have technical support.  View our blogs weekly and we have new articles.  Better yet, sign up for the free Go Kart Guru News Letter right now and we will give you several bonus products free for the download!

You will even in this down load, get the first book in our series free.  So register now for our free newsletter.

We are also coming out with new products all the time; new videos practically every month or so.  Go karts can be a big project, but we are here to help you through it.

Be sure to post your questions on our blog, or in our contact form.  We will answer your questions with in 24 hours, in most cases right away.

Just think, in a couple of weeks you can have a go kart of your dreams built, running and stunning all your friends.  Whether you are starting in the spring, summer, fall or winter, now is the time to start thinking and making that go kart; let the Go Kart Guru help you on your way.


I am very interested tell me more!


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