Can I download your product with my iPad?

If you are looking to purchase any of our downloadable products with an Apple© mobile device like an iPad or iPod you must make sure that you have an App that can download files (such as iDownloader which is free at the iTunes store). Once you have an App like this on your iOS device, open the web browsing feature in it and browse to our web page, and then click on our purchase link and walk through all the steps on your screen.

An alternate methods is to use a Windows operating system computer to download the files. Unfortunately, all Apple products have this quirk, in that downloadable products require a special programs to download files and read them. The file types to look for in our packages are contained in ZIP (compression format) and are PDF readable documents.

If you do not have the ability to download these files, we can send you a CD that contains all the files you need for the product you are purchasing. Go to the following page to order CD file format: Contact Us

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