Model-T Brake System

Model – T Go-Kart  6 Inch Brake System

This is a 6 inch drum brake system for the Model – T Go-Kart with the bushing style rear bearings.  Additionally, the width of the rear bearing mount is 3 inches in width.

Important: Please visit Model T Brake System Identification Page more information about the system you should be ordering.

This brake systems is easy to install and adjust.  The brake system is designed to be a bolt in system, no grinding, no welding.  All that is required is to bolt on the custom brake drum to the existing Model – T Go Kart wheel, mount the brake band retention boss, remove the existing rubbing brake angle bar, replace with custom crank arm, and then insert the custom band link.

After that make a few adjustments and the system is good to go.  Installs in about 20 minutes.

If you would like to purchase the system, be sure to specify which side you want to add the brake system too.

Note: When the drivers side brake is added, it will  lock up the drive axle and stop the engine (if the drive is engaged).  The drive layout for the Model-T gokart has the passenger side wheel free rotating so that the go kart does not require a differential.

Brake Drum Bolts on to rim easily

Brake system has a clean appearance

Overall system fits into go kart easily

Brake System Layout

Brake Crank adapts to existing brake shaft

Underneath view showing brake system

Top view of brake system on test go kart

Rear View of Band Brake System

Check out the installation video to see how simple it is.

0,Model – T Brake System Passenger SideBrake System Drivers Side (Note: this brake system has enough brake power to stall the engine)0,Model – T Brake System Driver’s Side

Combination Kit:  Drivers side and Passenger’s side

0,Model – T Brake System Both Sidesr

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