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Remember, there is a 100% money back guarantee!
If you do not like the plans, you will get your money back!

What you will be getting: Go Kart Plans for the Wonder-Cart of yesteryear!

A full set of 98+ pages of easy to read and understand
Alpha-Phi-10 gokart plans

The plans include:

  • Incredibly simple Step by step Building Instructions
  • Ingeniously constructed and low cost (less than $30) weld fixture designs
  • Detailed prints on ALL parts, no guess work here!
  • Adjustable Steering and Pedal System to accommodate differing height drivers.
  • Hyper Comfortable Seat design, which includes patterns for cloth and wood backing.
  • Ultra-Performance and Head-Turning Dual Exhaust System Design prints.
  • Ultimate Automatic Chain Tensioner design prints.Remove the engine in minutes. Never worry about the chain coming off again!
  • If you are not completely satisfied with the plans, the content or the design, you will get you money back, no questions asked!

Additionally you will be getting the Super Chargers Manual
Absolutely Free.

Get more punch out of a standard engine by supercharging it!

The superchargers manual gives you the inside secrets to supercharging a gokart engine. It is not just as simple as bolting a supercharger, fog pump or turbo to your engine.

It takes some ingenuity and plain physics (which is not readily apparent) to get the supercharger to boost the snot out of your engine!

This indispensable “How Too” manual complete with graphs and diagrams gives you an edge into designing your own radical supercharger system.

The supercharger also is a dynamite way to get heads turning towards your gocart!

Not many, go karts make a Turbo Wine as that pass by!
What a heart stopping thrill!

You will be getting the Go Kart Plans for the Phi-Alpha 10
and the Super Chargers Manual for a grand total of $19.95!

Phi Alpha 10 Go Kart Plans $19.95 (download your plans today!)

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