Shriner Parade Kart

The Shriners organization started back in the 1870’s as part of the Masonic Lodge organization.  As far as I understand they were the “Fun” arm of the Lodge and as a result have “Fun” while gathering charitable funds for various causes.  The most prominent entity being the Shriner’s Hospital, which specialized in Burn Care and Spinal Injury care.

They are often seen in parades with various go kart styles ranging from Model-A roadsters, Jeeps, 1950 and 1960’s Cars, and Model -T Go karts.

If you do a Google search for Shriner Karts you will get a rough idea of what they are:

The Shriners typically will do “Figure 8’s” and other eloborate and seemingly risky moves that appear quite entertaining and impressive.  The key to these go karts is that they can handle hours at a time of hard running without breakdown.

On this page we specialize in supplying Go Kart parts, some of them anyway, for the Model-T go karts.  We supply aluminum rims, lights, steering wheels, hubs and fenders.  Because the supply vender, McDonough and Crue-Cut went out of business years ago (early 1970’s) there are a limited if not nearly non-existent supply of original parts for these go karts.  Typically an old Go-Kart has to be cannabalized to save one go kart.  Typically the damaged parts are the ones we supply, so don’t do that! Keep both.

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