The Gamblighinis That Never Were

Gamblighini, what is that? 
It is pronounced Gambli Geeny.  Obviously an admiration for Lamborghinis which were all the rage back in the late 80’s.   I had a deep admiration for the Countach and all the engineering that went into it.  For what ever reason people called me Gambolini, then I officialized it with Gamblighini, because it sounded better.

What came first was the GSC.  The Gamble Steam Car.  It was to be the car of the century with split v-12 that could be turned on and off.  With traction control and 4 wheel drive.

The Gambligini was to be an exotic car that could seat more than two people comfortably.  The aim was to have an exotic car that was for the family, not just for Dad and his friends.

Below is a partial of the Gamblighini archives.  Some cars are started, others not finished.  But you get the idea…


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