Why Consider This Wood Go Kart? 7 Distinct Design Considerations

You may have seen wood go karts on the Net and be wondering how this go kart is any different.

There are seven (7) major ways the wood go kart design offered on this web site is distinquished from the other go karts on the internet they are:

1. – Unique Steering Stabilization System
2. – Center Of Gravity Accounted For
3. – Powerful Dependable Brake System
4. – Driver Retention Column
5. – Rock Solid Drive System
6. – Brake Pedal
7. – Throttle Pedal 

Additionally there are:

8. – Step By Step Instructions in the Wood Go Kart Books
9. – Step by Step Fabrication Instructions in the Wood Go Kart Video
10. – Easy Layout Wood Go Kart Plans


1. Unique Steering Stabilization System

 The Unique Steering Stabilization System is designed to keep the steering bogie system from collapsing like convention wagon style steering systems.  Instead of hyper-extension in the corner, the whole go kart remains stable and able to negotiate corners with ease.  Bottom line is the go kart handles very much like its metal counterparts.

The foot style steering system is very eratic and can become unstable where the front bogies can become lost in a harmonic motion of back and forth oscillations.  This is very dangerous and difficult to deal with.  Some go kart designers use ropes held in the drivers hands to control the steering, this too is difficult to keep in position and is susceptable to harmonic instablility.

This go kart takes into account the ossicallation problem and attacks it from two interconnecting systems working in concert.  Oscillations in the steering are not a problem as a result with this go kart design.   This go kart handles like its metal counterparts turning corners with similar steering wheel movements.

2. Center Of Gravity Vital For Steering Control

Typical with wood go karts, the front end does not have enough weight to provide descent steering grab.  In other words the front wheels will slip in a corner and the go kart will tend to go straight.  Center of gravity is a big factor in go kart design.  The Go Kart Guru Wood Go Kart kart takes Center of Gravity into account and places the driver and the front wheels in the optimum location for good steering response and excellent handling characteristics.

3. Powerful Reliable Brakes

One of the marks of safety for a go kart is stopping power. Most wood go karts do not have brakes, and if they do, the brake is actuated by a handle which does not have enough force to stop the go kart on a dime.  In fact a hand brake is very primitive and insufficient from a braking standpoint.  Additionally the hand brake typically only grabs one wheel which does not provide ample braking power.

And finally, the surface area of the braking surfaces is critical and typical metal-bar style brakes tend to over heat and wear out tires dramatically.  The brakes system on this go kart will not wear out the tires.

Brake systems as well require enormous amounts of forces to create braking power.  The system on Go Kart Guru Wood Go Kart acounts for the forces and requires only a foot pedal making it very similar to its cousins the metal framed go karts.

4. Safety Retention Column

Wood Go Karts typically do not have any safety retention devices built into them.  When an accident does occur the driver will go flying, additionally there typically is no protection for the driver at all.  On this go kart there is a center column section which is designed to retain the driver from flying off of the go kart.

This does not preclude good driving habits, and safety equipment such as ribtech vest gear, driving helmets, gloves and heavy clothing.  However, it provides a measure of protection, unlike the the typical wood go karts offer no measure of protection.

5. Rock Solid Drive System

Drive systems proposed for wood go karts range across the board.  Some use a twisted belt drive others a chain drive.  The twisted belt drive system that is proposed on these go karts will not work, because there is not enough ratio to the system.  Additionally the the design is not sound and will lead to premature belt failure and poor belt tracking. (IE, you will be fighting belt problems constantly, smoking belts and belts falling off.)

The chain drives are fine, however, most chain systems that are on the markert are designed for smaller tires and so the clutch will smoke and the go kart will not readily move.

The Go Kart Guru Wood Go Kart understands the dilema about selecting tractor components, or odd style components off of riding lawnmowers and uses innovative methods to circumvent these issues.  I’ll let you in on a secret, the wood go kart uses a belt drive and shows you how to develop a wood pulley so that you do not have to buy expensive components.  All this is explained in great details in the wood go kart video and shows you step by step how to actually fabricate the drive system.

As you may have guessed belt drives are prone to belt burning.  This particular go kart takes into account the drive system ratios and actually has minimal belt burning.  As a result the go kart has phenomal acceleration and overall speed  characteristics.  It will give your typical metal frame go kart a run for its money.

6. & 7.  Pedal Systems: Throttle and Brake

Wood go karts as we have already discussed have the feet being used up in the steering mechanism.  This makes the thottle and braking precarious.  The hands have to be taken off of the steering system to active either a throttle or  a brake, making it difficult to manage.  A go kart that has pedals that are coventional like on automobiles is more suited for go kart handling.  This go kart design uses the typical foot pedal systems and makes it more realistic and comparable to metal frame style go karts.

8., 9. & 10. Go Kart Guru Shows You How To Do It!

Other reasons why you should take a look at this go kart project is that the Go Kart Guru is there to help you make this go kart from scratch.  The Go Kart Guru has Blog, Go Kart Guru Hotline, ebooks and videos.  So you are not left stranded making this go kart, but can ask as many questions as you need to get this go kart working.

One of the biggest frustrations is to get started on a project and then get in the middle and not be able to finish it.  The Go Kart Guru makes each step easy and understandable.  The video is particularly helpful in showing how to fabricate all the components and what pitfalls to beware.

When you consider the Wood Go Kart Project we have several options:

Option #1  Wood Go Kart Bundle

Option #2  Wood Go Kart Video

Option #3 Wood Go Kart Video Plus Printed Wood Go Kart Bundle

Option #1 Wood Go Kart Bundle

Option #1 is an instantaneous download that can allow you to actually get this wood go kart project started this weekend.  It comes in three downloadable pdf downloads that you can read or print off of your computer.  This is a low cost alternative.

Option #2  Wood Go Kart Video

Option #2  Is a full length go kart building DVD video. There are over 25 video chapters that go into extensive detail into the go kart building process, making the Wood Go Kart project a real snap.  The DVD is shipped directly to your address.

Option #3  Wood Go Kart Video Plus Printed Bundle

Option #3 is the Full Length Wood Go Kart Building DVD plus the fully printed version of the Wood Go Kart bundle.  There are over 90 pages of material printed in a professionally bound booklet.  This too is shipped directly to your address.


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