Sunday February 25, 2018

Welcome to Go Kart where we provide for you all the things you need to make your own head turning homemade go kart.

We have go kart plans, go kart books, go kart videos, go kart blog posts, and most especially the go kart engineering tool kit that solves all those drive line problems.
Robert Gamble Professional Writer AuthorGet your hands on the plans for the "Go Bless the Broken Road" Movie Go Kart!

Go Kart Plans

Have the plans done for you.  Take Less Than $200 And Make A Head Turning Go Kart.  Your Friends Will Always Want To Come Over


Go Kart Building E-Books 

Use These Books To Design, Build or As a Guide to Buy Your Own Special Go Kart.  (There's even a special section on Vertical Lawnmower Engined Go Karts)


Go Kart Building Videos 

Go Kart Videos that show you "How To Build a  Go Kart", Troubleshoot Engines, Diagnose Driveline Problems and More....


Go Kart Blog

Go Kart Blog posts that keep you informed about updates, and new articles that are added frequently.


Go Kart Articles

This Site Is Crammed Full Of Info, from Web Articles, Web Blogs and Parts Resources.  Not one part of the go kart is left untouched.


Go Kart Design Tools

Start From Scratch And Use The Design Tools To Evaluate Your Go Kart Designs.


Thanks for the info on the Go Karts. (Go Kart Building 101)   I found it
really helpful, especially in buying my new go kart, where to ride it and
the changes I might  make on my go kart.

You have so much to say about go-karts. I totally love your site, and your
pdf downloads.  They are very interesting.  You have obviously gone to great lengths to make it clear and not BORING!

I am looking forward to all the new stuff you keep putting on it!


The Go Kart Guru is an Ezine Article Platinum Author, has been recognized by many media sources such as Popular Mechanics ™ and even Cinema Movie directors. Take a look around, watch the introductory video below and get going on that home-made go-kart today.

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