Sunday April 19, 2015

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Start From a Pile of Junk

End up With This! A Go Kart That Is Worth More Than $1500,
But Cost You Less Than $200!


How To Build a Go Kart E-Books

 Use These Books To Design, Build or Buy Your Own Special Go Kart.  (There's even a special section on Vertical Lawnmower Engined Go Karts)
Go Kart Blue Print Plans

Have it all done for you.  Take Less Than $200 And Make A Head Turning Go Kart.  Your Friends Will Always Want To Come Over.
Go Kart Design Tools

Start From Scratch And Use The Design Tools To Evaluate Your Go Kart Designs.  
Go Kart Resources

This Site Is Crammed Full Of Info,
From Web Articles, Web Blogs and Parts Resources.  Not one part of the go kart is left untouched.
Go Kart Video

Go Kart Videos that show you "How To Build a  Go Kart", Troubleshoot Engines, Diagnose Driveline Problems and More....

For those looking for quality information on a weekly basis, get in tune with the Go Kart Guru Magazine.  Chocked full of free info each week. 

Go Kart Guru NewsLetter

Listen to what our customers are saying!
After scouring the internet and book stores for hours on Go-Kart construction, I was very pleased to find the Go-Kart Guru.

The information and detail he provides on so many aspects of go-cart construction is probably the most exhaustive on the web.

Without a doubt it will save countless hours and dollars worth of mistakes.

Thanks again for providing such great information..
Jamie,  Pennsylvania
Robert Gamble, Basic Author


It was well done and I like the layout of the courses. This is a first time project for me and I appreciate the  details. You make it sound so easy."

"I thought that the course was great for someone like myself just getting into building go-karts. With everything on the web so varied and incomplete, this is truely a one of a kind course. VERY THOROUGH course. Thanks. -Morgan"

 Be sure to fill out our How To Build A Go Kart Survey and get a free Go Kart Building product today! 


With over 20 years of experience in Go Kart design and building the Go Kart Guru will help you along the way!

You can design and build a $200 go kart worth over $1500 out of Junk in under two weeks!

The Go Kart Guru is there for you and your go-kart questions!

See the  Go Kart Guru Forum or

use our Easy Contact Form to reach us!

The Object Of The Website Is:

- To Get You Building The Best Home Made Go Cart 
- Your friends will not stop asking questions about your fantastic go kart.
- A Go Kart That No One Has Ever Seen.


Great Birthday Present:  The Father and Son Wood Go Kart Project

Wood Go Kart Project

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