Go Kart Project: Father Daughter Experience

The weekends  they come and they go.  You ask a guy on Monday morning what he did this weekend and he will say it was way too short.  Usually that means is that they had limited family time to themselves.  They did not have any time to do any thing thing really meaningful.  They were  just going through the motions, not building any memories per se but more going through the motions of life.  It just went too fast.

It doesn’t have to be that way.   Life doesn’t have to be a hurried, harried mess where it is paycheck to paycheck all the time.   Many of us are pressed for the paycheck to paycheck and don’t even have any idea about how to have fun without spending lots of money. Sometimes we’ll run off to an amusement park over the weekend and lay down $200 to  $300 and then it will be over.  And after the weekend has been done we will ask ourselves “was it worth it?”

Why not do something that can build memories for many weekends to come, versus a weekend that was just spent, or zipped by?

What we are proposing is the go kart project.  The go kart project is something that can be done over series of at least seven weekends.  Which is basically a summer or it can be done in the Winter and in the go kart project what you do is gradually assemble  or manufacturing yourself a go kart out of basic materials.

What we are offering the ability to make a  wood go kart out of basic wood materials that you will find at the hardware store, and basic wheels, and components, that  again you will find at a hardware store, or you can find online.

You can easily build Go Kart for under fifty dollars .  We built our go kart out of all sorts of junk in the garage for under $20. We actually brought that to you video and that actually took us a weekend to get gravity part working out and then another  weekend to get the engine part working.

What we have is a Wood Go Kart Building Bundle Video  which includes a video and a book.  In this bundle we include some important books that we produce on our Go Kart Guru website that deal with drivetrains and vertical engine drives.

One of the biggest headaches that people have is that they have an old lawnmower sitting around and have no idea how to make it work or use the components to make a go kart work. With the Wood Go Kart Building Bundle Video we supply the video that shows you step instructions on how to make the go kart itself  using horizontal engine.   It  is a basic belt drive go kart and does not use fancy components so it keeps the costs down.

You maybe wondering to yourself “Is this thing safe, or is it just a piece of junk we’ve thrown together?”

Well that is a good question I’ve often seen go karts that people put together, on the internet for example, and they work, but they are not really something I would be proud of.  Something that I would say “My son and I we work on this go kart and we put it together.”  Its not really something that you would be proud of, something that will last years instead of weeks, and something that has brakes that are worth something versus a stick that you just rub on the ground and you just hope that it stops when he get down to the end of the driveway.

On this go kart we have seven different safety features all which are designed around the wood go kart and its ease of building

The wood go kart project is something that you can use normal tools with, a regular saw for example.  We used a jigsaw.  You may have to invest in a  $39 jigsaw to cut out some circles. But other than that is uses basic wood screws, two by fours, plywood, and regular bolts, heavy nylon rope (or cabling depending on your choice).  You can have a working gravity go kart in at least one weekend.

Just imagine being able to have a go kart running, a go kart put together, a go kart that you and your son  (a son or daughter actually) worked together on over the weekend and imagine all the building memories that you could have.  One of my fondest memories was working with my dad really that is all that matters.   It didn’t matter if we were working bee-hives, lawnmower or even just clean the garage, I was with my dad and was fantastic.

Many kids are like I was, my Dad was gone a lot.  Most kids they don’t have a dad figure other than a gym teacher, or school mentor.  They don’t really have a dad figure because the dads are not around very much.

The weekends unfortunately are about the only time that you can get together that you can get together with your son for an extended period of time.  What better way than to get a bonding experience going than to build something.

The wood go kart can be assembled in one weekend or a series of weekends depending on how fast you go, but I have got to tell you, when a kid gets involved, he get a little impatient and wants it up and running pretty soon. The nice thing about that wood go kart though is a kid can get out a hamer and saw, even a drywall screw gun.  And be able to zip things together for you real quick.

It’s a great time to show kids how to use tools,  learn about safety in using tools, and learn about safety in swinging hammers.  They can  gain that experience so that they can be become effective carpenters so that when time comes when they’re in high school or off  their own that they have a skill under their belt.  The wood go kart is a beginning of that that.  It is a place where a kid can start and learn a couple of things at the same time.

They can learn mechanics, they can learn electronics, they can learn woodworking, they can learn electrical wire routing, they can learn basic physics, and they can learn basic mathematics when they have have to add up all of the components for the wood go kart bill material. There’s a whole host of skills that can be introduced and learned by kids during this wood go kart building process.

What we are offerings today is the Wood Go Kart Building Bundle Video.  What this consists of is a full printed version of the Wood Go Kart Books I and II, plus two go kart drive books.  The standard drives book, which shows you how to put together a drive that will enable you go kart to climb hills, secondly the vertical engine drive book which shows you how to use a vertical engine without flipping the engine on its side, but using it the way it is.  Additionally there is a full video which shows you step by step how to put the go kart together from scratch.  And in this case it is a father and his sons putting a go kart together in the basement of their home during the winter months.

So take make some memories…. start a go kart project today.

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