The Go Kart Building Mindset

The young man was bored. He sat on his bed lamenting that he had nothing to do. He had no money but plenty of time. What a frustrating dilemma being a teenager and having nothing to do, being bored out of his mind. But there’s something that the teenager had that propelled him off of his bed and into the garage. He began at that moment to start busily constructing a frame out of junk.

You see there is one thing that this teenager had:  he had the go kart building mindset. And in his previous travels the months prior he had been collecting odds and ends that he knew would work for a go kart. For example he’d just been working on a concrete job with this friend and they offered to give him all the railing that was being thrown away. This railing was one by one by 1/8 inch wall square tubing. In this young man’s mind this was a gold mine, even though it was a bunch of rusted looking railing.

The other frustration was that the young man had no tools. But that didn’t stop him. Having the go kart building mindset he busily started hack-sawing on the tubes to the correct dimensions. Before the week was out he had developed a new go kart frame.

He also had been shopping around for go kart parts and had happened to come across a garage sale where the correct parts were being sold for a mere $10. These parts being bearings, an axle, sprockets,a brake system and some assorted odds and ends. There were also some steering parts and a steering wheel all tossed in a box.

Another another thing that the young teenager had,  was a thirst for small engines. The objective in young teenager’s mind was ultimately a go kart. Also on the teenager’s mind was the eventuality of perhaps knowing the go kart was worth something and making a profit on it.

The go kart building mindset in short is having an objective in full view and understanding what it takes to get the go kart actually advancing. Another part of the  mindset is the patience to get it done right. The element of having time was on his side because he could take the time to get it built right. So to sum up with the go kart building mindset is it is as follows:

– Planner
– Persevere-er
– Builder

Planners foresee into the future the project being proposed and take the steps necessary to get the knowledge and the materials together necessary to actually get this project working and built. Planning is tedious and can be boring. However planning can take various forms the most obvious being just getting the materials together. The actual putting together the go kart requires a definite plan and those can be bought or designed.

The persevere-er is one who does not become daunted or discouraged by things that do not work right first time. In fact the persevere-er understands things probably won’t work right the first time and makes contingency-plans so that he is ready for the failure when it occurs. Every problem is actually an opportunity.

The go kart building mindset also, obviously, includes the building mindset or having the how to spirit to put this go kart actually together. The building mindset involves being able to think beyond conventional building methods. The go kart could be the combination of angle iron tubing and plates. Welding, braising and bolting together are all acceptable methods towards building a go kart.

Also the go karter mindset includes looking at alternate materials such as fiberglass and wood.

In the case of the young teenager who had the go kart blues he did not let anything stop him from designing and building an outstanding go kart. One of things I want to stress about the three points and made about the go kart mindset is that being persevering is vital to the go kart mindset. Being able to take a vertical engine for example, and use it on a go kart can save hundreds of dollars, especially if you are considering buying a brand spanking new engine.

If you are considering making a go kart, the go kart building mindset is what you need to have. It may take a couple months before the go kart actually shows up but the mindset will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in go kart costs and misery.

The go kart building mindset also has the proper knowledge about go kart’s intricacies and is not caught by surprise when things are put together. For example he understands what is necessary to get the go kart actually move and not smoke clutch. He understands what is necessary to get a go kart climb a hill and not stalled the engine. He understands what is necessary to make the frame so that the steering system is set up correctly.  And when set up afterwards the go kart doesn’t just go straight when it corners but it acts like it’s on rails.

These questions and more are answered in the go kart building the bundles. In the go kart building bundles there are at least nine e-books that talk about drive systems, steering systems, frame design, seat design and much more.  They make the problems of go kart building an attainable goal.   The books benefit from over 20 years of experience that the Go Kart Guru and has in go kart building experiences. He has built numerous go kart’s from junk.  They ended up not being junk, but go karts that turned peoples heads and look like Porsches and corner like Ferrari’s.

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