What Have We Been Doing? Go Karts… Legos… Its All Been Happening.

Mosquito Magnet…at work..er…overworked

It has been one of those summers.  The humidity is up there…you walk out side and you are wet instantly.

The mosquito is the new state bird.  We have so many mosquitos that they clogged up my mosquito magnet!  Staying outside…well you guessed it…not really an option.  So when the weather breaks…we dash for the go kart.

And that is just what we did.

The vertical-engine dual-seater gokarter has been sitting for a couple of years, especially after I broke my leg.  I worked on it last summer but did not get much farther than starting the steering system.   During the winter we made the seat, and this summer…not much because the mosquitoes are so bad.

Mosquito Magnet Bag Over Stuffed With Mosquitos!

But we did get a one day break and got really far.  We actually got the steering rods, and steering system, complete with steering wheel in place.  So really the next things to do are:

– to put the brake system in place
– finalize the drive system, put in the chain tensioner
– Fix the axels and wheels together
– Mount the gas pedal and brake pedal
– Mount the lower plate
– Put the seat in place


Do a final inspection

Finally Got the Steering In Place…Need to work on brakes…and few other goodies..then we are done!

And Test!

We should be able to get that all accomplished in about 4 days, or 4 more weekends.  What’s more is that we have been videoing the whole process…so we should have the dual go kart available on video soon.

But that is not say we have not been busy, busy, busy.

The most prominent project has been the secret CNC project.  We will be unveiling it in a couple of weeks.  Bottom line is we have an exciting new product that really makes Lego fun that much more exciting.  We plan on developing more products in the future.

I can give you some details about the project.  First it will be a book series on:

How to program for CNC machining.   This book will be a great resource for anyone looking to be a machinist, or run a CNC machine.  I know I have over 20 years of experience using CNC machines and developing all sorts of molds, and unique machining methods.

Secret Lego Project….hmmm I wonder what it is….?

Second will be a book on how to use a CNC machine to build our new exciting Lego compatible project.  In it will be a step by step how to guide on machining the Lego Project.  Additionally, and this is a big, big plus: you will not have to do a lick of programming, all the programs will be provided to you as downloads.  All you have to do is plug it into your machine and “walla” instant parts!  In this book we will show what kind of fixtures, if any, to use and how to make your own fixtures.

So we have been pretty busy.  This Lego project has been really fun for the kids and it brings “wows” every time we test it.  After I have perfected it we will be sure to get a series of videos out as well to demonstrate how fun this whole project is.

The go kart….we will get back to it when it gets a little colder and the mosquitoes have dissipated … i.e. frozen!

Wood Go Kart With Gas Engine

And before we sign out for this week…stick in there with your go kart projects.  I know lots of you have been looking at the wood go kart.  It is a great value, considering all the fun that you get for under $50.  If you have an engine sitting around and few tires….you may spend even less.

We have gotten the go karts out this summer and have had plenty of fun on them. The wood go kart really hangs in there.  I can’t believe how rugged it is.  The wood pulley still makes me laugh and I cant believe how tough it is.  I actually enjoy riding it more than the metal frame go kart….so have fun guys.

If you would like more information on the wood go kart… click here.

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