Design Build and Test in 7 Weeks: The Wood Go Kart Movie Extravaganza

Caleb Coupe Wooden Movie Go Kart

A lot of exciting things have  been happening over the past year. We have been so busy it has been difficult to sit down and write a decent letter.  But here it is, the great news we have for you.   The past year has been a roller coaster ride of designing go karts, and then  scrapping the design  and then going back to the drawing board and  redesigning it again.  It all started  with a challenge.  The roller coaster ride…  meeting the challenge.


To cut the story short, we designed and developed a go kart from scratch in four  months.

It all started with a request: “ Can you build us 5 go karts for our movie?!”

The trouble is that the go karts they wanted, didn’t even exist.  We started from scratch and dug deep into our design arsenal and built two awsome fully wood go karts.

The project is known as the Phi-Alpha 15 Caleb Coupe and has proved to be quite a performer.  We have finished  a battery of endurance tests, stress tests, function tests  and peformance tests to tweek the design to where it should be.

You might remember the Phi-Alpha 20  ( from two summers back where we were doing some endurance testing and functional tests.   The Phi-Alpha 20, though powerful had some down sides to it, and we refused to release it due to its deficiencies.  However, there were a lot of lessons learned on that go kart and we implemented them into the Phi-Alpha 15 Caleb Coupe and it has proved to not disappoint.

The basic platform is a monocoque hybrid complete with live axle, disc brake, jack drive, Ackermann steering and cushy seat.  Just because the unit is wood does not mean it is not durable, or too lightweight.   It has all the gumph of a metal frame go kart and has proved  to be quite a contender.

The plans are available complete with Bills of Material list, detailed prints and suggested pricing for each component.  Along with close to 100 steps of instructions to guide you through the building process.  There are two welded components, the steering shaft and the brake assembly.  The rest of the unit is two by fours and plywood along with obviously purchase components such as bearings, axles, chains and clutches.

To get your Phi-Alpha 15 Caleb Coupe go kart plans go to the following link:
Phi-Alpha 15 Caleb Coupe Plans

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