The Paint Can Go Kart

I found this old nugget in the Go Kart Guru Arsenal….It takes me back….

Interlude: The Paint Can Go Kart!

The what? That’s right the paint can go kart. My friend Willy came over one day and we decided to go out to the house that they were building down the street and rummage through the “to be burned pile.” There were all sorts of goodies: nails, boards and paint cans.

I don’t know what came over me, but I thought we could make a go kart out of all this stuff. So we busily started constructing the basic two by four go kart layout. Then it came down to wheels. What do we do for wheels? So I took four nails and pounded them into the center of a paint can directly into the two by four axil post. I put four paint cans on the go kart and walla! Instant paint can go kart.

We got it out to the street and Willy sat on it and I started pulling, and pulling and pulling. We got that thing going about 10 miles per hour when all of a sudden the painted cans started coming off one by one. By the time we got to our house we had two front paint cans and no back paint cans! The centers had wallowed out so much that the paint cans fell off, other than they worked beautifully. Willy said that was the funnest and funniest day of his life. I would concur, I can hardly stop laughing about it every time I tell the story!

This is an excerpt from the Go Kart Guru Development Files.

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