Model T Go-Kart Brake System Potential Interference: Beware, Order The Correct System

We initially released the standard 6 Inch diameter brake drum system with great success.  People love how the system bolts on and works fantastically.

However, two customers said the brake system was not fitting their go kart; that the drum we provided was too small.

The one customer just returned the brake system and then sold the go kart.  However, the second customer worked with us to figure out why the brake system was not fitting.  And the bottom line is that there are “bushing” go-karts and “two bolt flange bearing” go-karts.

The original go kart design with the “rear end bushing system”, ranged from 1958 all the way up to around 1980s.   Some competitors (Mini-Kars, Minicar, Mini Cars) came in the mid 1970’s through 2005 and changed the frame design so that the rear axle would be supported by a “two bolt flange roller bearing”.  Also, it has been noted that the go karts typically have vertical engines.

The manufacturers, in order to provide adequate space for the two bolt flange bearing, changed the rear support angular flange and widened it from 3 inches to 4 inches.

4 Inch Wide Bearing Support Flange

2 Bolt flange Bearing

The widening of this angular support causes the smaller compact standard 6 inch brake drum to interfere with the angular support (See figure 1 below).  In order to get the 6 inch drum to even work, a large amount of material would have to be ground away from the support.    Because of this widened support from 3 inches to 4 inches a “two bolt flange” brake system has been developed that works with the wider 4 inch support flange.  The system consists of a large diameter 8 inch drum that clears the wider 4 inch bearing support flange (See figure 2 below).  Also, in order to make the brake system work some extra and different parts were developed so that the system is a quick bolt on system that everyone wants.

So prior to purchasing a brake system it is important that you measure the rear support for the rear bearing.

To identify your go kart for fitment identify the following:


Figure 1  Interference with the 6 Inch Drum


8 Inch Drum Clears the Bearing Support


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