Model T Go Kart Common Question Parts

This page is for those that want a part, wonder what it is, where to get it, how to get it.   I do not have these types of products in inventory because I would end up buying them from Amazon or the internet and then marking them up.  I am giving you the basic information so that you can get them yourself at the best price.  (We do have parts that we stock, because we have the best option that the rest of the internet (at this point) does not have.)

  1. What size are the tires for the Tin Lizzy Crue Cut, McDonough go kart?
    1. The Tires Sizes range from 16×2.125, 16×2.5 and 16×3.0:  all these tires fit well onto our aluminum rims

    2. The tire brand we recommend is Durader, as they are designed for electric scooters. 
    3. These tires can be found on Amazon…they are NOT cheap.
  2. What size belt is used on the Model T go karts?  Buy them off of Amazon.
    1. Vertical Engine #15380
      1. Reference: 15380 Automotive cogged Belt
        Length: 38 in effective Length, 38.64 in Outside
        Top Width: 15/32 in
        Height: 5/16 in
        Equivalent to: 7380, 15-380, Napa 25-7380, NBH 257380
    2. Horizontal Engine 4L240 Belt  
      1. Reference: 4L240
        Description: 4L240 Fractional wrapped Belt
        Length: 24 in Outside Length
        Top Width: 1/2 in
        Height: 5/16 in

  1. What size spring is used to retract the transmission?
    1. C-179
    2. CSC Extension Spring, 21.1 lb Weight, 2-7/8 in OAL, 9/16 in Dia Outside, Wire Diameter: 0.072 in, Hard Drawn, Galvanized
  2. What component is used for the rubber hand grips on the transmission and brake arms?
    1. It is a 5/8″ red rubber hand grip
    2. These can be found on ebay or other places
    3. Description: Grips, pair – bicycle scotter tiller mower 5/8″ handlebar
  3. What size tubing is used to make the light bar and the windscreen?
    1. The tubing is common 3/8″ diameter brake line.  (Keep in mind that a 1/4″ rod must fit inside the tube)
    2. The tubing is bent using a common bender, the ends are flattened using a standard vice or even a hammer
    3. NO we do not sell them, if I did, I would charge $300…no one in their right mind is paying that. 
  4. What is the engine specification number for the Techumseh version go kart?
    1. The engine number for the 3.5 Horsepower Techumseh: H35 45408J (SER 4260B….probably ranges)
    2. The output shaft is 3/4″ Diameter
  5. What type of replacement engine would you recommend?
    1. The best replacement engine for the Model T Go karts would be a standard 3.5 hp horizontal (or vertical depending on your go kart)
    2. Where would I get such an engine? Harbour Freight sells a nice 3.5 hp replacement motor
    3. Will it just drop in: Sadly NO, the engine shrouds are larger, the cylinder placement different, all because the engine must be mounted in backwards (or so that the motor is spinning in the reverse direction of the wheels.  This has to do with the transmission)  As a result the motor must be mounted higher.  This will nullify the belt drive length, and definitely messes up the reverser function.
  6. If I have replaced a motor with a NON-standard motor what will happen to the overall function of the go kart?
    1. The motor will work fine for  forward movement, however, more than likely the end user who did the motor replacement did not take into account the CC (Center to Center distance) of the reverser system disc and the original layout.
    2. The reverser will probably not work or in some cases even engage, because the CC distance is messed up
    3. May have issues with the exhaust, the seat back and the intake area.  Exhaust may exit right into the seat back.
  7. What pulley size is used on the engine?
    1. The pulley size is a A style belt: around 3 inches in diameter with a .75 inside diameter
    2. A double pully is needed and can be found at the Surplus, Granger, or even McMaster Carr
    3. The double pully is used  one slot for the drive belt, the other for the reverser.
  8. Do we have the small gear for the steering mechanism?
    1. Unfortunately at this time we do not. There is NO place on the internet at this time to get them.  We are working on a solution.  Contact us for questions about this part.
    2. The small gear is a 9 tooth powdered metal gear that has a .50 inch inside diameter.  It is cross drilled to pin it to the shaft.
    3. Can the gear be made out of brass?  NO it is not recommended as steel is required for optimum wear and tooth strength
    4. Why has my gear worn out?
      1. The gear more than likely, especially on OLDER 1950s model worn out because the steering rod has been wearing across the face of the gear for years.
      2. This steering rod needs to be replaced and reoriented to clear the gear.
  9. What is the length of the throttle cable from the steering column all the way back to the engine?
    1. The best way to solve this problem is to not start out too short.  Conventional throttle cables are too short, they in essence are 4 or 5 feet long.
    2. The best cable length is 6 feet.  Cut the length shorter as you finally get the cable threaded down the steering column and under the seat to the engine bay.  Cut back the  coiled  support section (Carefully!  Pull our cable first before cutting the outer sheath) to the length that makes sense on the engine.  The engine needs to clamp on the cable support, so having an extra amount is not the end of the world.
    3. An alternate method to threading a cable, is to use a bike cable set from Walmart, or a bike store. 
      1. Take out the flexible cable
      2. Buy an equivalent bailing wire (or stiff steel wire from hardware store) that can feed into the bike cable and slide easily. 
      3. Form the ends using a needle nose pliers.



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