Removing a Centrifugal Clutch From a Go Kart Engine

How do I get the inside clutch part off the shaft?  Its a centrifugal clutch on a 6 hp tecumseh engine can you help me?

To get the clutch off of the engine shaft, you need to loosen the two retention set screws using an allen wrench.  The clutches usually are frozen on their pretty good, so you need to put some loosening lubricant on shaft and clutch faces.  The object is to get oil between the shaft and the clutch to make it come off easier.

Sometimes letting it soak over night is a good idea.

The next step is pretty important and that is: do not apply any pressure on the bell housing. If you do, you will bend the housing, and wreck the clutch.

The solid portion, or the hub portion of the clutch, closest to the engine, is the part you want to get pressure on.  Push on the hub gently using a puller, if you have one.  Other wise, using a screw driver and gently pry the back side of the clutch.  Put a piece of wood between the engine and the screwdriver to provide a cushion so you don’t mar up the motor.

Use the peice of wood also as a fulcrum and start leveraging or prying the clutch away from the engine, off of the shaft.

Do not, I repeat do not use a hammer to remove the clutch, or you will damage the clutch and the engine, perhaps bending the shaft.

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